Browser Compatibility Check Getting started with vFairs

Compatibility Check

Supported browsers

For the best experience using vFairs, we recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. The vFairs app also runs on mobile web browsers.

To upgrade to the latest version, click on your browser:

To check what browser version you are using, visit What Is My Browser.

Video Playback Support

vFairs uses Vimeo to host it's video content. Try playing the video below to see if the video content within vFairs will work for you.

Chat Compatibiliy

vFairs uses web sockets for real-time communication. Please click on the first link below to open up the chat app. For best results, ask someone else to open the second link and then see if you're able to see each other in the chatroom. Try sending them a message.

Chat Link for User 1
Chat Link for User 2

Live Webinars using Zoom

vFairs uses Zoom for it's live webinars. Try joining this zoom meeting to make sure you're able to get access.

Zoom Meeting Link